Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Week: Chocolates and Pesto!

By Bridget LeRoy

La Vie Organic is immensely pleased to begin doing business with the certified organic Sang Lee Farms this week.

On Mother's Day, I had traveled with my kids to the North Fork to see the goats at Catapano Dairy Farm, whom we also work with (and their Lavender/Honey goat cheese, along with the Sweet Fire Roll, are hands down the best chevre flavors I have ever encountered).

But we were hungry for things to eat with the cheese we had purchased. Just a couple of miles down the road, we had our first encounter with Sang Lee Farms.

It was a chance encounter. But those are always the best kinds!

And now we are so excited to be offering Sang Lee's fresh delicious pestos - arugula, spinach/walnut, and cilantro - made with organic herbs and ingredients harvested the same day they are made. According to Karen Lee, within a few weeks the labels will SAY "organic" but right now they are waiting for their upcoming certification.

We are also offering Karen's delectable dips and spreads. I bought a container of the Ginger Scallion Dip today and it was beyond fantastic. I ended up swirling my finger around the sides to get every last mouthful (don't worry, I washed my hands afterward).

We will also be offering J & N's Ultimate Chocolates - made by a friend of ours in New York. All chocolates contain the highest quality raw organic cacao powder and cacao nibs, raw cacao butter, NY pure maple syrup, raw organic cold-pressed coconut butter, pure ground vanilla bean, and Himalayan pink salt.

Ultimate Chocolates are a Super Food guiltless pleasure!

Ultimate Chocolates are not heated above 110 degrees. In this raw unadulterated state you are getting the full benefits all those antioxidants and neuro-peptides.

Most chocolates are heated and that turns the cacao butter into a trans fat. Ultimate chocolates retain their full nutritional value

Stay tuned for our weekly list of goodies, which we will post on Sunday.

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