Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Trip to Catapano

By Bridget LeRoy

Pamela and I hit the road early this morning to head over to the North Fork.

I always find it interesting to note that the two forks of Long Island were formed from two different glacial periods, about 35,000 years apart. While the silty South Fork seems to be more favorable for cabbage and potatoes, the North Fork - with its rich brown soil - is a cornucopia of farms, vineyards, and fertile beauty.

Cornucopia. The word comes from a Greek myth about the God Zeus, who was raised on goat's milk by Amalthea, a sort of Supergoat who lived in a rocky cave in Crete.

Actually, since she raised him, I guess she was the first "nanny" goat. But I digress.

We drove to the Catapano Dairy Farm, renowned for its award-winning chevre, which is made daily with no chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, or feed enhancers (and obviously no "bucky" smell or flavor - this stuff is primo!).

Karen Catapano kindly gave us her time, showing us the different flavors of chevre they carry.

And what chevre! What flavors! We bought the Lavender and Honey, the Parsley and Basil, Cajun Spice, Sweet Fire Roll, and Sun Dried Tomato. We'll save the Lemon Pepper, Garden Chive, and Chunky Garlic for next time.

We also bought some of their "Goatique" products - soaps and hand creams - which we will also be offering for delivery and at the Amagansett Farmers Market on Thursday nights. Unscented Aloe & Vitamin E, or Oatmeal & Honey, Chamomile, Green Tea, and Country Lavender matching soaps and creams that are made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients.

Pam and I walked out of the adorable shop smelling each other's hands, exclaiming over the smoothness of our skin.

But I had been impatient.

I wanted to see the baby goats. I love baby goats.
And I was not disappointed.

What an amazing place! Along with their chevre, soaps, and creams, Catapano Farm is also allowing La Vie Organic to carry its sinfully rich goat milk yogurt and fresh ricotta.

Eating like this, we are all likely to feel like gods by the end of the season.

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