Monday, May 31, 2010

Pamela Gets Rave Reviews!

Last week, Hamptons chef Pamela Willoughby created a Chicken Provencal dish with tomatoes, fresh basil, and olives, that won the hearts of clients of The Enchanted World's Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. Said Amy: "Just finished the very delish dishes you made us: Chicken Provencal & Potatoes w/Rosemary ...we were working hard all day so it was great to have La Vie Organic food all ready to eat!"

Pamela also made bouillabaisse for a small party at the home of acclaimed artists April Gornik and Eric Fischl. April offered this: "Pamela Willoughby is a total genius. The bouillabaisse she made for me yesterday was the BEST ever. Perfect in every way and a stunning dinner! Thank you, Pamela!!"

Pamela's recipes and an article about La Vie Org
anic can be found on page 36 of the new Hampton Daze Magazine. Her Grilled Scallop Risotto with Lemon Thyme is out of this world!

Pamela can be r
eached at 631-680-9986 for fresh dishes that can be prepared by the weekend. Whether it's dinner for two, 20, or more, Pam uses the freshest ingredients, organic whenever possible, and can stock your refrigerator with your choice of foods.

This week's offerings, fresh from Satur Farms and delivered to your door:

Asparagus - $5 bunch

Haricots Vert – ½ pound, $3.50

Snap Peas – ½ pound, $5

Ripe Strawberries – 1 quart, $7.50

Baby Spinach – 5 oz., $4

Wild Arugula – 5 oz., $4

Baby Romaine Mix – 5 oz., $4

Fingerling Potatoes – 2 lbs., $7.00

4 pk Heirloom Tomatoes - $6.75

Herb Trio – 2 oz., $5.00

I cannot be enthusiastic enough about the chevre from Catapano Dairy Farm on the North Fork. There isn't one that isn't delicious! Try the Lavender/Honey with fresh strawberries, any of them on salad. They add elegance and creamy tartness to every dish.

Catapano Dairy Farm Chevre -
Parsley/Basil - Traditional
Lemon Pepper - Flavorful

Garden Chive – Springtime Joy
Lavender/Honey – Sensual Strawberries
Cajun Spice – BAM!
Chunky Garlic – Put It On Pasta
Sun Dried Tomato – The Bread Spread
Sweet Fire Roll – Bridget’s Favorite!
4.5 oz log - $11 each

Karen and Fred Lee continue the Certified Organic family farming tradition with beautiful prepared foods made only with organic ingredients. We are happy to offer them to you.

Karen Lee's fresh organic Carrot Ginger Soup - $8

Fresh-Lee Cut Multi-Colored Carrots (large bag) - $8

Dressings: Asian Vinaigrette, Toasted Sesame, Sweet Ginger Scallion, or Citrus, 8 oz - $9

Pestos: Spinach-Walnut, Cilantro, and Arugula, 7 oz - $8.50

Dips: Ginger Scallion (so delicious you'll eat it with your fingers), Herb Garlic, or Spicy Garlic, 8 oz - $8.50

Jellies: Hot Pepper, Lemon Verbena, or Mint, 8 oz - $9.50

Also from Sang Lee:

Kimchee 16 oz - $11

Stirfry Sauce 8 oz - $9

Zhoug 9.75 oz - $11

Hot Pepper Dipping Sauce - $10

To place an order, just send your shopping list to by Wednesday afternoon at 4. We will send you an invoice, and deliver to your address on Friday.

Enjoy this wonderful weather!

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