Saturday, May 8, 2010


By Bridget LeRoy

La Vie Organic will start taking orders a week from today, next Saturday, for deliveries the following Thursday and/or Friday.

Some people are understandably confused, since what we are doing is different from a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture), which is also a terrific service. My family has belonged to several CSAs in New Hampshire, and one out here before we moved many years ago.

With a CSA, you sometimes need to join -- pay a membership fee. That's not necessary at La Vie Organic.

With some CSAs, you are also required to work in the field; picking vegetables, cleaning them, or bagging them. We had a lot of fun doing that at a CSA in Bradford, NH, a few years back. But alas, that is not an option with La Vie Organic.

Instead of having to drive to pick up your share, your food will be delivered to your address in a recyclable bag sporting our logo (the bag is also made of recycled materials). We will pick up the bags and give you fresh ones every week.

You can pick whatever you want, in whatever quantity you want, off of our menu, as long as you meet the $55 minimum. I remember a particularly wet June a few years back up North...we ended up with no strawberries, about four tomatoes, and just tons of cabbage from our CSA. During other years we certainly got our monies' worth, but not that time. I felt bad for the farmers, but since we had paid up front for the whole summer, it was an unfortunate experience for the CSA members.

You don't have to order every week. You can order once. You can order twice. You can order every week. You can have a recurring order. Whatever you like.

My suggestion, if you can afford it -- continue to support your local CSA, and fill in the blanks with La Vie Organic. Organic golden beets, heirloom tomatoes, orange cauliflower, watermelon radishes, artichokes, asparagus, and anything else you can think of. We will change the available produce weekly, a list of about 10 items, but that's just to keep it simple yet intriguing. You can always email us if you have a special veggie request, and chances are we will be able to get it for you.

No membership fees, no obligations...just fresh organic produce and other specialty items delivered to your home. Please sign up on our website at for home delivery, starting next week!

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