Saturday, April 24, 2010

Living La Vie Organic

What is La Vie Organic?

It's a pipe-dream, or a very expensive undertaking, to live a nearly-completely organic life. Most of us must only do the best we can. Reusing, recycling, renewing. My mother told me, "Always try to leave a place better than you found it." The same applies for Mother Earth.

In our La Vie Organic business, we don't only use organic ingredients as often as possible and deliver organic produce, we also use recycled equipment. Our chargers, dishes, smallwares, platters are from other restaurants. Some were purchased at yard sales. Hey, why not? Maybe some other business might be snobby about things like that, but if I can get another few good years out of something, then it shouldn't be thrown on the trash heap just because of a little scratch or ding.

Hey, Bridget's dress for the Dora Frost "Peonies" opening at the 2/20 Gallery in New York City cost $7 at the Ladies Village Improvement Society. Her Aerosoles cost $1, and the sweater was $3. Eleven dollars for an outfit that will serve her well as she serves others.

Waste not, want not. Never really understood what that means.

Bridget's son, Bing, wanted to get a new book today. Bunnicula. He's really into the whole series.

"Let's go to Borders," said Bing. Ugh.

"Let's go to a used book store," said Bridget. Better.

"Let's go to the library and borrow it," said Bing's big sister, Joelie. "It's free and any late fees we might get go back to support the library."

Free, sustainable, community, education....all rolled into one not-so-neat little 14-year-old.

Joelie gets our La Vie Organic award of the day.

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