Friday, April 30, 2010

Food Trafficking

By Bridget LeRoy and Pamela Willoughby

Wow! One can hardly tell it's still only April out here in the Hamptons. Trips to the grocery stores - both the plain ones and the more upscale variety - are already practically full-day undertakings.

Since Bridget has been gifted with mild agoraphobia, she went to the Waldbaum's parking lot three times this week, only to turn around and go home. Too much of an undertaking to navigate the lot already! And Pam spent hours in line at Citarella's....for what? It was like waiting in line at Disney World for a ride that wasn't quite what you were hoping for.

Anyway, La Vie Organic will be delivering fresh organic produce within the next two weeks, along with other items. Follow our blog, because this is where the updates will happen....

And never get stuck "food trafficking" again!

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  1. gifted with mild agoraphobia...hysterical, as I can so relate!!!!!!!!!!